About Lemonade Stand

The program is a bit pricey. Would I be able to get a discount?

We always run super-early and early bird specials in the weeks leading up to our classes, which offer significant discounts on tickets. We also offer group discounts.

We've also launched our very own crowdfunding platform, which will allow kids to run their own crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the course. You can access this platform here!

What is the age range for students?

Most of our students are between the ages of 9 and 12. However, if your child is slightly younger or older, that's fine as well! What matters more is whether they're comfortable working with other kids who are either slightly older or younger.

As a general guide, our latest session had kids between the ages 8 to 13.

What would my child need to bring?

Your child will need a laptop loaded with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as web browsers, as well as an email address they can use. 

The laptop preferably shouldn't be one that uses a touch-screen as its main form of navigation - many of the programs your child will be using on the day rely heavily on mouse navigation, and touch screens usually do not give the best user experience. 

What about lunch?

There will be an hour lunch break on both days, so your child can either bring a packed lunch, or you can take them out for lunch!

Otherwise, we can supply a healthy lunch + snack. Just make sure you purchase a lunch ticket on our events page. If there are special dietary requirements, make sure you let us know.   

Before and after hours care?

We definitely understand you have busy schedules! That's why we offer before and after class care for free, from 8.30AM to 5:00PM. 

Need more time? Just let us know when you sign-up, and we'll work to your needs. 

How big are classes? Will there be adequate supervision?

We cap classes at 20 students. We will always have up to 4 teachers and support staff on-hand,  which ensures a ratio of 5 students per staff member. This means your child will always have someone looking after them and making sure they're keeping up and enjoying themselves!

What times are classes? 

We start at 9am, and run until 4pm. There are plenty of short breaks and breakout activities so the kids are engaged and get a chance to stretch their legs

I'd love to help out at one of these programs! How do I go about volunteering?

That's great to hear you're interested in volunteering! We're always on the lookout for enthusiastic helping hands, so if you want to help out, click on the button below!

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