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Lemonade Camp

Australia's first week-long holiday program centred around entrepreneurship, coding and Augmented Reality for 9 - 12 year olds.

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Join us for a week of activities!

Lemonade Stand — Curriculum

What your child needs to bring

Each topic is accompanied by interactive exercises to help your kids understand the concepts being taught. There are also plenty of breakout activities throughout to break up the day.


The kids will be using different online platforms for the workshop, so they will need a laptop computer. The laptop preferably shouldn't be one that uses a touch-screen as its main form of navigation - many of the programs your child will be using on the day rely heavily on mouse navigation, and touch screens usually do not give the best user experience. 

Writing tools 

Please have your child bring their pencil case containing pencils and markers for use throughout the program. 

Access to a Gmail address 

Some of our activities will include registering under an email address. If your child doesn't have an email, we encourage you to create one through Gmail. 

Your child will be required to bring their own lunch (or you could take them out!) and snacks for 2 short breaks throughout the day. We will be providing refreshments throughout the day.

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16 - 20 January
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Got Questions? We've got you covered.

The program is a bit pricey. Would I be able to get a discount?

We always run super-early and early bird specials in the weeks leading up to our classes, which offer significant discounts on tickets. We also offer group discounts. We've also launched our very own crowdfunding platform, which will allow kids to run their own crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the course. You can access this platform here!

What is the age range for students?

Most of our students are between the ages of 9 and 12. However, if your child is slightly younger or older, that's fine as well! What matters more is whether they're comfortable working with other kids who are either slightly older or younger. As a general guide, our latest session had kids between the ages 8 to 13

How big are classes? Will there be adequate supervision?

We cap classes at 24 students. We have 2 lead facilitators plus volunteers. This means your child will always have someone looking after them and making sure they're keeping up and enjoying themselves!

I want to see my child pitch his/her idea!

Business Pitches will occur on the 2nd day of the workshop commencing at 2:30 pm. The pitches will demonstrate how much your child has learned within 2 days and we'd love to have you and your family come watch and support!

My school wants to get involved!

We’ve certainly worked with schools before! If you’d like your school to get involved, express your interest here

I still have questions…

If you still have questions or what to find out more, send us an email at or give us a call (03) 9996 1257

Level 1, 20 Queen St Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia
Phone: (03) 9020 2010
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