Being a teacher is tough work!

You spend your time taking lessons, filling out paperwork, marking papers, preparing reports, meeting with parents, meeting with staff, participating in school events and so on. You probably don’t have time to even think about entrepreneurship, let alone teaching it!

But with up to 60% of today’s jobs facing redundance in the next 10 years, it’s crucial that today’s children learn to be more adaptable and develop the critical problem solving and business that will give them a brighter future.

That’s why we’ve put together a number of resources to make it easy for you to teach children the fundamentals of innovation, entrepreneurship and building a business to survive and thrive in today’s fast moving and connected world.


$195 EX

Everything you need to teach the fundamentals of innovation & entrepreneurship in a box (byline for circles)

So... What's in the box?
  • Access to a powerpoint to guide you through the end to end innovation process
  • Access to online teacher aid videos
  • Access to pitch decks for students
  • Physical resources to support innovation activities such as playing cards and more
  • 10 x student workbooks to help them build out their ideas and businesses
  • Unlimited coaching by the Lemonade Stand team via phone or Slack
What You Will Learn To Do
  • Teach business fundamentals 101
  • Teach students how to identify problems they care about
  • Use design thinking to help students come up with ideas and solutions
  • Use lean startup to help students build business models for their ideas and identify key ‘make or break’ questions
  • Help students develop prototypes to test their ideas such as websites, mobile apps, 3D prints and other physical prototypes
  • Teach students about different marketing tools
  • Help students put together a compelling pitch deck to communicate their idea and demonstrate their prototype


$195 EX

Live-stream our Lemonade Stand workshop to your class and learn how to run it in the process

Option 1: Multiclass
3 class maximum / up to 72 students @ $7,500

Let us run a 2-day workshop for you, but instead of running it for just one class, we can video-conference it to up to 3 classes at once! That means that 3 times as many teachers and students have an opportunity to learn for the same price of one face-to-face workshop.

Option 2: Piggyback
1 class / 24 students @ $2,500
$2,500 ex for 1 class/24 students (minimum 3 classes)

If we’re running the workshop at another school or location, you can live stream the program and effectively ‘piggyback’.
This collaborative approach between Lemonade Stand facilitators and school teachers is managed using cloud based webinar and collaboration tools such as Slack.

Note: we are open to taking direction from school IT departments on preferred methods of videoconference delivery.


$490ex per teacher (minimum 10 teachers)

1 day workshop designed to teach teachers how to run the Lemonade Stand workshop. If you’d rather receive a day of intensive training on how to deliver the Lemonade Stand workshop, we run teacher workshops on a monthly basis and can also run dedicated workshops at your school, in order to upskill teachers in these critical ways of thinking.

Interested in teaching lemonade stand? talk to us!

Live-stream our Lemonade Stand workshop to your class and learn how to run it in the process

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