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For exceptional alumni of our foundational workshop, Lemonade Stand Masterclass is an invite-only program for students who are serious about entrepreneurship, designed to get them to the next level through a combination of hands on training and ongoing mentorship.

During the one day masterclass, limited to just 10 students, we will work closely with budding entrepreneurs to identify new or hone in on their existing ideas, develop a workable business model and come up with a three month roadmap of next steps that they should take to get their idea to market and give them the best chance of success.

This will give them practical hands-on experience at different facets of building a business from scratch, including innovation and product development, marketing, sales and customer support. Throughout the three month period following the masterclass, students will gain access to ongoing mentorship from Lemonade Stand facilitators through our online Slack community (a popular messaging and collaboration platform) where they will also be able to connect with other Masterclass participants and build a community around children’s entrepreneurship.

By taking this approach, we aim to guide students towards tangible outcomes such as generating real traffic to their businesses, generating, reviewing and learning from website analytics and ultimately, making a sale.

The whole point of guiding them to this point is that it will go a very long way to fostering those critical “aha” moments that will show students what’s really possible and inspire them to believe in themselves and get them excited about the possibilities that entrepreneurship delivers.

Planting and nurturing these seeds now will put them in a much better position to thrive in what is an era of massive technological upheaval.


Lemonade Stand — Slack Community


Children will gain access to our Lemonade Stand Slack community where they can engage with course facilitators as well as other masterclass students where they can network, share ideas and collaborate. All essential to innovation and thriving in a fast moving 21st Century.

Lemonade Stand — Ongoing Mentorshop


Kids who go through the masterclass will receive unlimited access to program facilitators and mentorship via our Slack Lemonade Stand community channel

Lemonade Stand — Guest Speaker


We will arrange for a motivational guest speaker to attend the masterclass and give an inspiring talk about startup success to give the kids the kick up the bum they need!

Lemonade Stand — Qualify for funding


We are currently negotiating the establishment of a corporate fund to back promising kids and their ideas.

Lemonade Stand — Access to networks


Lemonade Stand is powered by Collective Campus, an innovation hub, school and consultancy that works with large organisations as well as startups to help them adopt the mindset, methods and tools to successfully innovate in an era of rapid change.
As members of our community, we will introduce promising kids working on cool stuff to our community in order to give them the connections they need to survive.

Lemonade Stand — AWS and Microsoft Bizspark Credits

Amazon Web Services and Microsoft BizSpark credits

Amazon and Microsoft have partnered with Lemonade Stand to offer credits to students for software, services, cloud hosting and tech support to help their startups grow.

Lemonade Stand — Collective Campus

Drop In Anytime

Students who come through the Lemonade Stand masterclass will also be welcome to pop in to our main campus in Melbourne’s CBD and work from there anytime, especially on school holidays.

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TIMING: Melbourne, Thursday 19 January

DATES: Sydney, Thursday 26 January

PRICE: $795

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