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Alex Henderson

Meet Alex Henderson, who built an online paddle-boarding retail business as one of the 600 children to complete the Lemonade Stand course across the country.
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Alex and Lemonade Stand

After attending Lemonade Stand, Alex was empowered with the knowledge and skills he needed to create an online paddle boarding business with his father, Alex believes his points of difference -  price competitive products, as well as offering advice and reviews to the paddle boarding community, will set him apart from the competition.
“I used to think that I couldn’t do anything (business-related) until I was 18 years-old but Lemonade Stand opened my eyes to the tools and opportunities available to kids my age."

Through implementing the lessons learnt about validating his business idea and targeting the optimal customers for his product, Alex's business has nearly broken even within his first four weeks of launching. When asked to project his future, Alex sees himself in the health industry, while running multiple businesses in the background.

“In 12 months I have full confidence the business will be growing and even quite big by that time. My advice to other kids is that there are challenges but you can do it, especially with a bit of money, the internet and a laptop."

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Our Lemonade Stand programs are available for 9 - 11 year olds in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
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