LSO develops
the startup skills kids need
to survive and thrive in this
fast-paced century

The innovative way to get students future ready!

Lemonade Stand Online is a fun way for students to learn business fundamentals, marketing, prototyping, building a website, how to pitch and more. More on the curriculum here.

Fun, interactive games and videos for business kids!

Education that keeps up with the times.

Lemonade Stand Online helps students develop their critical thinking to better understand how the school curriculum actually matters in the real world. This fosters more engaged students and better learning outcomes.

Alex's Successful Online Business

Meet Alex Henderson, who built an online
paddle-boarding retail business as one of the 600 children to complete the
Lemonade Stand course across the country.

“I used to think that I couldn’t do
anything business-related
until I was 18 years-old but Lemonade Stand opened my eyes to the tools and
opportunities available to kids my age."

What kids say

"It's not boring school. We make websites and we learn businesses and stuff, however at school it's just maths and English. Everybody should get the chance to do this — it's epic."

-Maxim, student April 2016

What parents say

"Thank you for a fun, interactive and thought-provoking 2 days. My son Conor had an absolute ball, and is brimming with ideas and enthusiasm! You obviously love what you do, and more importantly, the kids do too."

- Kristen, parent

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