The 21st Century Lemonade Stand

The Business School for Kids is Asia Pac's most jam packed entrepreneurship program for 9 - 12 year olds. We teach your children the fundamental mindset required to succeed in a fast moving century.
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The Details


9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Day 1) 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM (Day 2) 2:30 PM - Pitches (Day 2)


$495 per student
$50 to secure a spot


$395 - Super Early Bird
$445 - Early Bird


$800 for a group of 2 kids
$1125 for a group of 3 kids

About Lemonade Stand Workshop

Lemonade Stand Workshop - Kids learning
Lemonade Stand Workshop - two girls looking at a laptop screen
In an exponentially changing world, our education system is doing what it can to maintain pace, relevance and impart the skills required to prosper in the 21st century. 

However, technology and business model innovation moves much quicker than the school system is capable of responding. As such, the very existence of jobs traditionally seen as ‘safe’ such as accounting is being questioned and today’s kids are facing an uncertain future in which they are likely to have several careers and up to 15 jobs.

Clearly, a capacity for personal reinvention and an ability to identify new business and personal growth opportunities will be of significant importance.

Help your children learn the basics of startup building and how to pitch their ideas. This 2 day class will introduce your kids to these principles in a fun and interactive way and have them solving real problems. As part of the course, students will be introduced to building prototypes, websites, apps and even 3D modelling. Armed with this information they will be placed into groups of 3 and given the opportunity to create their own startup. Parents and family are invited to attend the Pitch session on the afternoon of the 2nd day.

The Curriculum

Lemonade Stand Workshop - Day 1 icon

Day 1

  • Understanding the business fundamentals
  • Defining a product
  • Finding who your customers are
  • How to work out cost/profit/pricing
  • Marketing and branding products
  • Lean Methodology basics: pivoting, jobs and gathering insights
  • Types of innovation
Lemonade Stand Workshop - Day 2 icon

Day 2

  • Startup/business model building
  • Design thinking basics
  • How to validate ideas
  • Types of prototypes
  • Pitching, and how to form your elevator pitch
  • Build Website
  • Mobile App Prototypes

Upcoming Classes

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Workshop Photos

Lemonade Stand Workshop - Steve Glaveski walking down a classroomLemonade Stand Workshop - Kids pitching their startupLemonade Stand Workshop - Steve teaches a girl how to prepare a slide deck
Lemonade Stand Workshop - the full class poses for a group photoLemonade Stand Workshop - girl writes down her pitchLemonade Stand Workshop - two boys pitch their startup

Workshop Photos


How big are classes? Will there be adequate supervision?

We cap classes at 21 students. We have 2 lead facilitators plus volunteers. This means your child will always have someone looking after them and making sure they're keeping up and enjoying themselves! All facilitators have current Working with Children Checks

Are there any discounts for Lemonade Stand workshops?

To ensure Lemonade Stand is accessible to as many kids as possible, we run super-early and early bird specials in the weeks leading up to our classes, which offer significant discounts on tickets. We also offer group discounts for groups of 2 or 3 - so grab a friend or sibling and save together!

I want to see my child pitch his/her idea!

Startup Pitches will occur on the 2nd day of the workshop commencing at 2:30 pm. The pitches will demonstrate how much your child has learned within 2 days and we'd love to have you and your family come watch and support!

What is the age range for students?

Most of our students are between the ages of 9 and 12. However, if your child is slightly younger or older, that's fine as well! What matters more is whether they're comfortable working with other kids who are either slightly older or younger. As a general guide, our latest session had kids between the ages 8 to 13

I still have questions…(LS)

If you still have questions or what to find out more, send us an email at or give us a call (03) 9020 2010.

Fast Lemonade Stand Facts

All of our facilitators have:
  • Working with Children Checks
  • Full Lemonade Stand training
  • A genuine passion for entrepreneurship
Book with confidence
  • Over 1,000 kids taught so far across Australia and Singapore
  • Supported by LaunchVic
  • Secure online payments
Level 19, 15 William St, Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia
Phone: (03) 9020 2010
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